Halloween Reads: Short Stories

giphyPerfect for sitting around the campfire and scaring the wits out of your friends, or even just sitting by your heater scaring the wits out of yourself.

Through The Woods by Emily Carroll

Possibly my favourite collection of short stories ever, the artwork is fantastically scary and the tales are Halloween perfection. All of the stories are set in the woods, and explore every spooky possibility that could happen against such a backdrop. You’ll be screaming internally from beginning to end.


The Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter

My first Angela Carter, and I wasn’t disappointed. All within this collection are retellings of fairy tales but in the dark, twisted way that they were originally intended to be told, all murderous marquis’ with torture chambers sporting their very own Iron Maiden’s, daughters lost to man/beast hybrids by their father’s in card games, a hilarious retelling of Puss-in-Boots and a touch of necrophilia, all told in the most beautiful prose. Perfection.

Necronomicon by H.P Lovecraft

This is a huge collection of Lovecraft’s most popular works, which I have still yet to complete in it’s entirety but I’ve still yet to find a bad story within it. Lovecraft more than deserves his title of King of Horror with his ability to conjure up such unique and horrifying terrors. In ‘The Music of Erich Zann’ he even manages to make nothingness the scariest thing imaginable, and having such a large selection of stories in the collection is great for dipping into when you fancy something short, and anything but sweet.


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