Blankets by Craig Thompson


“How satisfying it is to leave a mark on a blank surface. To make a map of my movement – no matter how temporary.”

I can’t believe it’s taken so long for me to delve into the world of graphic novels. With all of the illustrations, concise storytelling and being quick enough to read all at once so that I can get a true sense of satisfaction of completing a book quickly, what’s not to love?

Blankets is an autobiographical retelling of the authors youth, flashing back to his childhood in wintery Wisconsin, where he first discovers his powerful and yet conflicting passions for art, and religion, then forwards to his adolescence where his deep belief in God begins to conflict with more ‘sinful’ passions. Throughout his childhood Craig is often made a victim by the bullies at his school and while he eventually finds solace within the church and begins to attend camps with them, he is soon picked on there too, until he eventually meets and strikes up a relationship with a girl named Raina.

I don’t even really know how to explain how I felt about this book. The artwork was wonderful and the story was so intimate and personal, like reading somebody’s diary. The story isn’t epic or even particularly dramatic, but it’s honest and so nostalgic, and there’s just something about the intensity of relationships made when you are young, and how you can carry those feelings around with you whether the relationship lasts for two weeks, or forever, that I find so captivating.



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