The Gunslinger by Stephen King


“The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed.”

Stephen King to me is what the brothers Grimm are to most others. The main perk about being raised by my father, is that he never worried about letting me watch the horror and SciFi movies that he liked, even when I was little, so while my friends favourite movies were Bambi and Pocahontas when we were 10, mine was the Running Man (which, come to think of it may be where my love for dystopias comes from). He even named me after an SK character. I love Stephen King.

So naturally I’d heard of the Dark Tower series, but never got around to picking it up because A: it’s loooong, and B: because I like my SK novels gory and scary, and I never got the impression that Dark Tower would be. But last Christmas I was given the first two books as a gift, and so I gave it a start.

The Gunslinger begins with a man (the gunslinger, obviously) on a quest across the desert, hunting down his nemesis, the man in black, who he has been following for who knows how long. Along the way the man in black leaves a path of chaos and destruction to slow the gunslinger down, described to us in flashback while the pair head for the mysterious Dark Tower.

When I was given this, I was told to keep in mind that it’s only the first book of many, and that the story becomes clearer the further you get into it, but I just couldn’t get what was going on at all. The book was engaging in the moments of action that were intense and dark, but my nonexistent grasp on the plot really stopped me from connecting with the story. I need context!!

I think I will eventually continue with the series, because I know SK is just slow burning with this one, and there’s no way he would claim this to be his greatest work only for it to be rubbish.
If any of you have read the series, what did you think of it? Is it worth sticking with?


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