Attachments by Rainbow Rowell


“I know that people change. I thought … I thought we’re going to change together. I thought that’s what it meant to be in love.”

After reading Fangirl, I knew I’d have to read all of Rainbow Rowell’s books because I just love the way she writes.

Lincoln is an IT guy working for a press company whose job it is to read the internal emails of the other staff to make sure they aren’t wasting company time and money gossiping about their personal lives, which of course is exactly what they are doing. He lives with his mother, and is still licking the emotional wounds left behind by his not very nice ex girlfriend. But the more he reads of the exchanges between a particular girl and her friend, the more she begins to grow on him, and he starts to develop genuine (if not completely inappropriate and stalkery) feelings for her.

Rainbow Rowell seems to have quite the gift for taking plot lines that could have come straight of a 2001 romantic comedy film and making them contemporary and relevant which is really saying something, because I hate romantic comedies, yet I can’t resist Rowell’s books. She writes such adorable characters, so definitely pick this up if you need more ‘aww’ on your bookshelf and really, who doesn’t?



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