Outlander by Diana Gabaldon


“People disappear all the time.” Outlander, Diana Gabaldon

I began this series last summer after getting myself into a bit of a reading slump and hadn’t really picked up anything in a while that really made me want to devour it, so I started digging through reviews for book series in the hope of finding something to consume me, and I did. I was very much in two minds about starting this book, it seemed a lot like a romance (even though the die-hard fans were insisting that it wasn’t), but the fact that it had such a huge and dedicated following, even before the TV series began made it worth a go, especially considering that the book had been written decades ago, so the amount of fan enthusiasm couldn’t be considered a 50 Shades style bandwagon situation but rather that over time a large number of people had picked it up, adored it and followed the series. Luckily I read it on my Kindle, so I had no idea just how big a volume it was! Ignorance really is bliss.

So Claire Beauchamp is a British military nurse in the 1940’s whose married to this strapping history professor, but just as their married life was beginning, the War came along and ruined everything, separating the pair for the duration while each served their country. After their service, the couple travel to Scotland to rekindle their romance in the place where they had their first honeymoon all those years before. But one morning, Claire decides to go for a stroll up a hill to pick some flowers, hears a rock buzzing at her (as they do) and after inspecting the sound, touches the stone and finds herself thrown back into the 1740’s (as you do).

Now I’m sure you’re thinking that this all sounds too far fetched to be interesting, but you’d be wrong, so just get over yourself a little bit and I swear you’ll be glad you did. Claire’s adventures in the eighteenth century are heart wrenching and beautiful and all consuming and I can’t even really explain just how much I love these books because there’s just SO much about them that I love. And lucky for us, the TV series began just as I finished the first novel and it’s a fantastic adaptation, so if you can’t commit yourself to 800+ pages of pure grade awesomeness, then you can at least commit yourself to 60 minutes of it.

So go and watch it, and then I guarantee you’ll end up reading it, and then next one, and then next one, and the next until you’ve found yourself lost in 200 years ago for so long you can’t remember the last time you were reading anything else.



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